Please Read: Welcome to Shattered Citadel Online. SC is a work of love for me, something I did as a hobby since I was a child. This site is the accumulation of that work, twelve years worth. Please enjoy your stay, leave comments good or bad, and register for updates if you like Shattered Citadel. I will constantly add more stuff as I have more then 10000 pages to convert from paper to a digital format. Spread the word of this site to your friends also, soon I will have my SC books published and I would love to have more fans!!!

Note: Shattered Citadel is a FICTIONAL representation of the future. It is bound to upset people due to its mature and controversial content. MOST of the art is my own and all of the written works was created by me.

Live - Short Story
"Loveland" (Part 4)

Live - SC Fan Fiction
"Not of this World"
Live - SC Fan Fiction
​​"Crucible of New Stalingrad"
Live - WW3 Video
"Battle of Taiwan"
Live - WW3 Video
"Fall of Israel​​​​"
New - WW3 Video
"Battle of Vancouver"
New - WW3 Video
"New Dark Age P1"​​
New - Short Story
"Better Days"​​​

2015 - Short Story
"The Dead Men"​​​​
2015 - WW3 Video
"American Holocaust"
2015 - Short Story
"Loveland" (Part 5)
2015 - WW3 Video
"Tierra de Sangre"
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Earth Habitation Zones
An overview of every region of Earth. The human homeworld.

U.S. Army Future Soldiers

    The United Systems Army. Future soldiers with overview.    
Chinese Hegemony Timeline

    A complete chronicle of the rise of the Chinese Hegemony.
Major U.S. Political Parties
    Complete overview of U.S.E. politics and political parties.
Virgin Galactic 261
      An airline crew on a routine flight find themselves pressed into service by the US military to fly into hell. Set during the PLA invasion. WWIII.

They Bleed Like Us
      Mankind sends its first joint expeditionary force to an alien world to engage a deadly alien foe. A massive SIXTY page story set in the Ascension War.

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